EVE Online Worth Playing in 2020? Let's Explore – First Impressions

Let’s play EVE Online in 2020 and see if it is worth playing. My first impressions are interesting, due to the fact that this game gave me an experience like no other game. Through my journey, you’ll see how I experience EVE online gameplay in the year 2020. It was an experience well worth it.

You will see me explore and focus on the exploration aspect of this game. But don’t be fooled, this involves danger, pirates, possible PVP, and much more!

Being a new player in EVE online can be daunting. There is just so much to learn, that trying out EVE online does not seem worth it. But is it worth the hassle of learning this complicated game? I review the new player experience and show you what this mmorpg is like for new players.

Let’s play EVE online in 2020!

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