Top 15 Best Anime Games For Android

Top 15 Best Anime Games for Android 2020

Hey what’s up guys it’s new video of Neon Games and in this video I’m gonna show you top 15 best anime style games for Android. Animation style games on Android.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video 💛

Some upcoming anime games:-

You can Pre-register these games on Tap Tap Store.

Sword Art Online : Black Swordsman Ace
Kimestu No Yaiba Game (Demon Slayer)
Nikke : the Goddess of Victory
Tower of Fantasy
My hero academy : the strongest hero
My hero Academy : heroes rising
Fairy tail journey of courage
World of Zenonia
Ni no Kuni

Following are the games download links:-

Action Taimanin:-

Zold Out : Blacksmith’s tale:-

Element 9:-
Play Store:-

Project Silver Wing:-
Tap Tap:-
Play Store:-

Abyss horizon:-

World Witches:-


Date A Live : Spirit Pledge:-

One Punch Man : The Strongest Man:-

Illusion connect:-

Bounty hunt:-

Maghatsu Wahrhiet:-

Unknown Future:-

Seven Deadly Sins : Grand Cross:-

Sword Art Online : Acilization Rising Steel:-

Project Soul:-

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